Don’t Just Take Our Word For It….

laser clinic reviews

We could talk about the benefits of laser hair removal all day long. The permanent hair reduction, the convenience of not having to shave, the […]

New Year’s Intentions

New year resolutions

We’ve ditched the word ‘resolutions’ and instead will be setting some gracefully chosen intentions for 2022. This time of year it tends to get a […]

World Menopause Day 2021

menopause day

Every year on October 18th, it’s World Menopause Day. A day to increase awareness of the various support available to anyone going through this transitional […]

Laser Hair Removal as Self-Care

self care

What comes to mind when you think about self-care? Possibly not getting undressed in front of a total stranger and having intimate areas of your […]

Laser Hair Removal for Men

laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal isn’t just for women – Here at Smooth Laser we also see men who are eager to get rid of unwanted hair […]