Laser Hair Removal Portsmouth

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It….

We could talk about the benefits of laser hair removal all day long. The permanent hair reduction, the convenience of not having to shave, the worthwhile investment to name just a few!

However, it’s not just us here at Smooth Laser Clinic that rave about laser hair removal – It’s our lovely clients too!

There are some questions that we are asked often, that we are more than happy to chat through the answers to. But we know it’s also handy to hear what other people think too. There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to researching a treatment that’s right for you.

We thought we would share what our customers have to say about our laser hair removal services, and let them answer some of your questions! You can find all of their reviews on Google if you want to see more!

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

It’s a resounding yes from our lovely customer’s – It’s amazing to make such a difference to peoples lives through something as simple as removing unwanted hair. Don’t underestimate how much this could help you. The word ‘amazing’ seems to be a common theme among these reviews!

“The results are amazing! Can’t imagine going anywhere else!” Abby

“Can’t wait to finally be hair free.” Julie

“I’m on my second session of laser hair removal and already seeing an amazing difference to my hair! I went for a beach ready package plus face and I notice even my make-up looks better without the fuzz!” Ada

“I have had already completed one area with Smooth laser and now onto the next. Results have been amazing.” Ian

“I’ve had great results so far from my laser treatment by Leanne. The hair seems to be staying away! It was noticeably thinned from the first session and now on my 5th session it is almost gone.”  Alana

“I am not one for beauty treatments and was sceptical to start with. 3 sessions in and I can already see and feel the benefits, so I added a few more treatments.” Naomi

“It works in stages but the main thing is that it does work.” Naomi

“Just had my 4th session and couldn’t be happier with the results so far! Going to be a bit sad when it comes to an end as my hour or so with her is also a giggle!” Rosie

“I’ve had amazing results after my first few sessions and I’m looking forward to my next appointment.” Charlotte

“I am so pleased with my treatment so far, even after one session I have noticed such a difference.” Katie

“Fantastic results after just two sessions!!” Sophie

“Having now had 2 sessions of hair removal, I am already seeing the benefit from the treatment.” Ben

“The treatment is so successful with a huge difference after just one visit – I am totally confident the course of treatment will solve a lifetime of problem hair!” Wendy

“The results are way beyond what I would have expected after just one session. People are already noticing, and I am over the moon with the results.” Steve

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Of course, everyone’s pain threshold is slightly different, but the majority of our clients here at Smooth Laser Clinic find the laser hair removal treatment to be virtually pain-free.

“Leanne asks repeatedly if you feel comfortable and my experience has been good and I haven’t found it painful at all.” Naomi

“The process is painless, and Leanne made me feel very comfortable as she was friendly and professional.” Katie

Is Laser Hair Removal Good Value for Money?

We truly believe that laser hair removal is a very worthy investment. Whatever your method of hair removal, if you choose to remove it, you’ve got to spend money. Whether that’s on razors or waxing! The key difference with laser hair removal is that you’re not just removing the hair – You’re permanently reducing it.

“Smooth laser clinic are extremely professional, personable and great value.” Louise

“As a brunette hair has always been such a costly uphill battle and now I finally feel I’m on the best track under Leanne’s professional expertise.” Ada

“I’d done heaps of researching laser for years, but just hadn’t got around to it (also it used to be VERY expensive!) I found this clinic along with others – not only was it local and well-priced but Leanne is extremely experienced and incredibly lovely!” Rosie

“The prices are affordable for fantastic results! I can’t wait for my next treatment.” Bea

“Great prices.” Wendy

“Amazing service, affordable prices and exactly what I needed.” Helen

“Money well spent.” Dyna

What Are the Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal helps with so much more than just removing unwanted hair. Finally finding something that works long term can be such a huge boost for people. We’ve helped so many lovely clients who tell us how much more confidence they have since starting laser hair removal. It’s such a privilege to be able to help people that struggle with unwanted hair, particularly those who have a condition such as PCOS.

“My results are amazing and she’s really helped my confidence.” Louise

“After struggling with PCOS for many years it’s made me feel so much better.” Poppy

What is the Service Like at Smooth Laser Clinic, Horndean?

Here at our Hampshire based laser hair removal, we pride ourselves on our professional expertise and our friendly, personable approach. We strive to always provide the highest possible service, making you feel comfortable and happy.

“I did extensive research before my treatments, and I was really impressed with the equipment used and helpful information on what to expect. Leanne makes me feel extremely comfortable and talks me through aftercare and what to expect every time.” Louise

“Best experience! Very knowledgeable and happy to answer all and any questions throughout the whole end-to-end process.” Abby

“Somebody I know recommended me to Leanne who owns Smooth Laser Clinic. Leanne makes you feel relaxed whilst you are there, my only regret is that I didn’t start this sooner with Leanne, would highly recommend to friends and family.” Julie

“I’m so pleased I chose smooth laser clinic for my hair removal treatments. Leanne is so friendly and welcoming, put me at ease from my very first treatment.” Emma

“I have found the service to be top class.  Leanne is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and I could not recommend her highly enough!” Ian

“Leanne is very kind and welcoming making you feel instantly at ease.” Alana

“Leanne is amazing and is always able to find you the most suitable appointment. Would 1000% recommend this company.” Poppy

“Absolutely amazing experience, really easy to book and customer service spot on! No question I had (many!!) was too much trouble!” Jodie

“Leanne is very knowledgeable, professional and makes you feel at ease.” Charlotte

“Great experience as always, Leanne is a master at what she does. Cannot recommend highly enough.” Ngoc

“Very friendly and professional service. Thoroughly recommended.” Ian

“I would highly recommend the Smooth Laser Clinic, I found it on Google and am so glad I did! Leanne is friendly, welcoming and professional, she explained everything to me and answered all my questions.” Bea

“Really Impressed, brilliant service.” Jon

“Had 5 sessions so far with Leanne at Smooth Laser Clinic and couldn’t recommend her enough! Very accommodating and great experience every time, extremely happy with my service.” Madeline

Is the Clinic Clean?

It’s a question everyone wants to know, but one you don’t always feel like you can ask. Well let’s take the awkwardness away! The cleanliness at our clinic is impeccable. Always very important, and not just in Covid times.

“A very clean and professional environment while personal and friendly!” Abby

“Leanne’s treatment room is stunning, clean and professional.” Emma

“The clinic is immaculately clean.” Ben

Got Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here and would like to chat through your options, then please do give us a call. We’d love to discuss what course of treatment could be right for you!



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