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Laser Hair Removal in Hampshire

Our laser clinic in Hampshire offers a tailored and professional laser hair removal service. Our laser treatments deliver incredible results and are virtually pain-free. Our fully-trained and insured therapist, equipped with the advanced Eneka Pro medical-grade laser, performs laser treatments for both men and women. If you’re seeking a permanent solution for unwanted hair, don’t hesitate to contact our laser hair removal specialist for a consultation. Experience the difference at Smooth Laser Clinic.

Popular Laser Hair Removal Treatments

laser hair removal treatments hampshire
Under Arm Laser Hair Removal

From £39.00

Under-arm laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular method for removing unwanted body hair. Laser technology is more precise and effective than traditional methods such as waxing or shaving, providing long-term results with minimal discomfort.

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Full Leg Laser Hair Removal

From £79.00

One area of the body that can benefit greatly from laser hair removal is the legs. Leg laser hair removal can help reduce unwanted or unsightly leg hair, leaving you with smooth, soft skin that lasts.

full body laser hair removal
Hollywood Bikini Laser Hair Removal

From £69.00

Looking for a way to be beach ready all year round? Opting for bikini laser hair removal offers an easy way to permanently reduce unwanted hair in the bikini area.


The treatment is virtually painless

One Course

One course creates lifetime benefits


Perfect for any area of your body

No Downtime

Return to your activities immediately

For Everyone

It is safe for all skin types and colours

Our Reviews

  • Taite West
    6 months ago
    Emma is super professional and puts you at ease straight away, i’ve had 2 laser hair removal treatments so far and can already see amazing results!! I’m so happy with it, minimal hair growth already and i no longer get irritated skin. The actual treatment read more
  • Unicorn Tastic
    2 months ago
    Very very happy with the laser hair removal. It’s going great. Leanne really takes care of her clients.
  • Dawn Martin
    2 months ago
    Emma is so friendly and put me completely at ease when discussing intimate laser treatment. My first session was completed quickly and with no discomfort following the procedure. Definitely recommend 💛
  • Katie Rafter
    3 months ago
    I had my first session of laser today and i would highly recommend, i have been thinking of having laser for years but always been to nervous. I am glad i have now started my journey and can’t wait to start seeing the results, i read more
  • Aimee Carter (Aimee)
    3 months ago
    Emma has been so so nice and comforting from the initial consultation and patch test to my first session! I had my intimate area done and the whole time it was very professional and relaxing, i know for some people it can be quite embarrassing to read more
  • Dawn Green
    3 months ago
    Such a lovely friendly professional lady would definitely recommend her
  • Tulula Romer
    5 months ago
    Emma is so lovely and professional. The salon is stunning and clean. I could see the difference in the hair growth within one session. I cannot wait to continue! ❤️
  • Reyhan Yalcin
    6 months ago
    My mother was extremely pleased with her consultation, and emma demonstrated exceptional kindness and gentleness during the patch test.
  • Jordan Prince
    6 months ago
    I’ve been having laser hair removal treatments from emma for over a year now and can honest say best decision i made! Emma is amazing and would 100% recommend her to anyone who is thinking about doing it, wish i had started sooner!

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Laser hair removal enables you to benefit from smooth skin, avoiding the in-grown hairs and irritation that can occur with shaving, waxing or removing creams.

Smooth Laser Clinic uses a medical grade diode laser for hair removal that is suitable to treat all shades of skin and hair. Our laser is one of the most effective, safest and fastest in the market for prominent hair removal. The machine uses the latest Crystal Freeze Technology, a new innovation, to numb the area being treated which means it is virtually pain free and much more comfortable for our clients than other more traditional methods.

Laser hair removal uses bright light energy to permanently manage and destroy individual hair follicles. As the light travels down it is converted into heat and damages the root preventing further hair growth. Our laser has a large tip to enable a fast treatment and ensures that the follicle can be shot multiple times.

Depending on the area size, treatments can be anything from 10-90 minutes. You may feel a low level of heat and a very light elastic band snap sensation; however this is not usually painful during the treatment. You skin may feel slightly warm to touch and tender for a few hours after the treatment. It is very important to use plenty of Aloe Vera Gel or moisturiser to sooth the treated area afterwards.

Usually six to eight sessions is sufficient at 6 weekly intervals between treatments. However, this may vary due to individual hormones. After the course of treatments, an annual top up is recommended for two years to ensure the results are maintained.

A consultation and patch test is usually completed at least 48 hours prior to laser hair removal treatment. It is mandatory that a consultation is completed to ensure you have no adverse reaction.

There are certain things you should do to prepare your skin for laser hair removal. Firstly, shave the treatment area at least 12-24 hours prior to your treatment so it’s not too red or inflamed. Avoid irritants such as chemical peels or laser resurfacing treatments at least four weeks before laser hair removal. Remove all fake tan and exfoliate three days before treatment to get rid of blocked pores. Stay out of the sun and avoid using sun lotions and topical creams 24 hours before treatment. Do not wax, use hair removal creams or pluck hairs four weeks prior to laser treatment. Stick to shaving.

Customers must be 18 and over to have laser hair removal. Those aged 14-17 can have laser hair removal so long as the parent/guardian is present for consultation and the first treatment. The parent/guardian must also understand any aftercare procedures. Hair removal is not recommended for anyone under the age of 12 due to hormonal changes and the onset of puberty.

Laser hair removal is relatively pain free, especially when compared to waxing, epilation and threading, as well as other clinical procedures such as electrolysis.. It produces a slightly warm, tingling sensation that lasts for a few seconds with each pulse of light. When the laser treats sensitive areas such as the upper lip, it can feel like an elastic band snapping against the skin. But each pulse of light is quick and pain will subside quickly.

Laser hair removal works safely on all parts of the body, from the face to the bikini line and legs. It all depends on the look you want to achieve - and your budget.

The aim is to keep your skin cool after laser hair removal treatment. So, avoid hot baths, showers or steam rooms for at least 48 hours after treatment. Avoid direct sun exposure too as this will irritate sensitive skin that’s trying to cool down. If you want to remove hair in between treatments, stick to shaving and don’t wax or pluck. Laser hair removal targets the root of the hair and won’t work if this is removed.

When getting laser hair removal, avoid other hair removal techniques that remove the hair from the root such as waxing and threading. Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle and won’t work if this is removed. You should also avoid excessive sun exposure as this can irritate the skin. Don’t jump in a hot bath, shower or steam room until your skin has healed and is no longer red or sensitive.

Laser hair removal is a good option for women who suffer with polycystic ovary syndrome, otherwise known as PCOS. PCOS can cause excessive hair growth on the face, chest, stomach, back and thighs, but a course of laser hair removal can treat this successfully. Ongoing treatments might be recommended, however. This is because hormonal fluctuations might cause more hair to grow than normal. Speak to our qualified specialists for a tailored hair removal treatment plan.