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Laser Hair Removal and PCOS

PCOS and Laser

If you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), you might experience excessive hair growth known as hirsutism. This is a potentially embarrassing side effect of the condition and something that can damage self-esteem. But there are ways to cope with unwanted hair growth. A laser hair removal specialist will help you understand the hair growth cycle and treat the excess hair accordingly. This can make a huge difference to how you feel.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work. It can cause irregular periods if your ovaries don’t release eggs on a regular basis, as well as weight gain and excess androgen. High levels of ‘male’ hormones in your body can lead to hair growth on the upper lip, chin, neck, sideburn area, chest, stomach, back, and buttocks.

The extent of your hirsutism (hair growth) will depend on a lot of factors, including Body Mass Index (BMI). Many women find that weight loss helps their PCOS systems. But for others, hair growth is a continuous nuisance and worry. Those with PCOS often complain about not feeling feminine as a result of the hair. Many resort to using razors for quick hair reduction, but this can result in stubbly areas which makes the problem seem even worse. So, what’s the answer?

Is Laser Good for PCOS?

It’s not uncommon for PCOS sufferers to try many different forms of hair removal before they finally book a laser hair removal package. Solutions include waxing, shaving, epilation, and threading. However, laser is a top choice due to its long-lasting results.

During this procedure, pulses of light energy are used to damage individual hair follicles in the ‘growth’ phase, restricting their ability to grow. Permanent laser hair removal therefore significantly reduces hair growth over time, with any returning hairs being thinner and lighter. Eventually, only maintenance treatments will be needed to ensure smooth skin.

The problem with PCOS is that you’re constantly battling hormones in order to combat hair growth. It’s not always easy to eradicate the issue completely when hormones are out of whack, but laser hair removal is a safe, relatively pain-free way of keeping excessive hair under control and building back confidence. Knowing you’re on the case and having a specialist by your side will put your mind at ease.

Help! I Feel Too Embarrassed

Embarrassed about showing your excess hair to a specialist? Don’t be! They’ve seen it all before and work with hair growth every single day. Their job is to help people without judgment. Also, unlike electrolysis, you don’t have to grow the hairs out before treatment. Shaving before your treatment is actually recommended to avoid irritation. The only thing you must not do is remove hairs from the root by plucking or waxing, for example, as the laser needs these in place to work.

Once you’ve attended your first appointment, you’ll know there’s nothing to worry about and will know what to expect during your next visit. Treatments typically take place every four to six weeks, so it’s not something you have to do daily or even weekly.

Interested in achieving a soft, smooth complexion? Then book laser hair removal in Hampshire today.



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