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Why Do I Need Laser Hair Removal Maintenance Sessions?

Laser Hair Removal Maintenance

Whether you suffer from PCOS and are looking for ways to control excess hair growth caused by the condition or simply want to throw away your razors and enjoy a soft, smooth complexion, a laser hair removal package might be the right option for you. Each treatment targets the hair follicle, inhibiting regrowth. And a course of treatments is needed to target all hairs. When your sessions have finished, you may still require laser hair removal maintenance. Let’s look at why that is.

Everyone is Different

For hairs to be treated successfully, they must be in the ‘growth’ phase. This is why between six to eight treatments are recommended to start with. All hairs are likely to be treated during this time. But as everyone’s hair grows at different rates and each person is unique, you might find a few stray hairs pop up several months after your initial course of laser has finished. In this case, maintenance sessions carried out by a laser hair removal specialist are recommended to help deal with those annoying strays. You might find one session does the trick, or you could book extra sessions depending on how you get on and how the hairs respond.

Hormonal Changes Can Cause Regrowth

Permanent laser hair removal is loved by many looking for long-lasting results. The laser is designed to destroy hair follicles in the anagen phase, but new hair follicles can still develop, resulting in hair growth. This is particularly true during periods of hormonal change, such as pregnancy and menopause, or if you suffer from a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). With PCOS, high levels of the ‘male’ hormone androgen circulate in your body. This can lead to weight gain and also hirsutism which is the medical word for excessive hair growth.

Hormonal changes can mean a maintenance session – or even a course of them – is required. Choosing to revisit your specialist means they’ll already be familiar with your needs and can recommend the treatment option that is best for you.

A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way

A course of laser hair removal can boost your confidence and help you to love the skin you’re in. Touch-ups here and there will ensure you feel great for longer, without having to resort to waxing, plucking, shaving, and other hair removal techniques which you’d hope to ditch for good. Maintenance sessions are relatively painless and can target any problem areas quickly.

Staying on top of hair removal can also save you money in the long run as you won’t have to splash out on all of the products that kept your hair free before.

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