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How to choose a laser hair removal clinic

Choosing a hair removal clinic

In the past decade the popularity of laser hair removal has grown thanks to the fast, simple and relatively pain-free experience it offers clients. Operated by the right professional, it’s a safe and effective method for hair removal that delivers lasting results. Let’s explore the things you should check and consider when choosing a hair removal clinic.

  1. The clinic’s reputation and experience

One of the first things we do when looking for a treatment is to make a Google search. A good place to start is to search your local area – “laser hair removal in Hampshire” for example – but it’s not necessarily wise to simply choose the first result that appears. It’s a good idea to check how long the local clinics have been operating. Ideally your chosen provider should have several years of experience and all the relevant licences and certifications. The practitioner in charge of the clinic should have a current Health Care Certificate registration and specialist insurance.

  1. Check procedures

The clinic should offer a consultation and patch test before the laser sessions begin. This is for your safety and comfort, and ensures you don’t have any adverse reactions to treatment. There should also be some information on their website about pre and post-treatment care.

  1. Consider the equipment used

There are several different types and brands of laser that can be used for hair removal. A clinic should be using a medical grade machine that has multiple power and wavelength options, enabling them to treat a range of skin types and hair colours. The technology used should conform to the strict ISO 13485 quality regulations. At Smooth Laser Clinic we use Eneka PRO, which is a medical grade machine with FDA approval, and conforms to the relevant regulations.

  1. Reviews and testimonials

An established and reputable clinic will typically have reviews available for you to view. Check their Google reviews – although these aren’t typically verified – as well as any comments left on their social media channels. It may also be worth checking how they respond to negative reviews. This can give a sense of the level of care the clinic demonstrates.

  1. Hygiene and professionalism

Popping into the clinic to book your appointment gives you a good opportunity to get a feel for it. Does it look clean and well-kept? Are the staff friendly and professional? Going into the clinic should make you feel confident that you will get a good standard of care. If your consultation session is the first time you enter the clinic, ensure the laser hair removal specialist can confidently answer all your questions and is able to tailor a package to suit your needs, skin type and hair colour. They should also be able to explain how to prepare your skin for treatment and discuss appropriate aftercare. While choosing the right clinic for your permanent hair removing solution can be challenging, considering these factors will ensure you make an informed decision.



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