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7 Things to Avoid After Having Laser Hair Removal

What to Avoid After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular choice for anyone looking to reduce their body hair and achieve silky smooth skin without having to shave, pluck or wax. Suitable for the face, legs, arms, bikini line, stomach and more, laser technology uses heat to destroy hair follicles and is one of the best celebrity hair removal secrets around.

But while it’s a great fix for unwanted hair, it does require you to follow specific guidelines during and after the treatment to ensure you get the best possible results. Let’s take a look at what things you need to avoid after seeing a laser hair removal specialist.

What Should I Avoid After Laser Hair Removal?

As the procedure involves light that converts to heat energy, laser hair removal aftercare must be taken seriously.  Following these seven post laser hair removal don’ts will help you remain comfortable throughout the course of your treatment and ensure your skin stays safe.

  1. Avoid Sun Exposure

After a laser hair removal treatment your skin is sensitive and needs time to heal. Avoiding sun exposure means you prevent the possibility of damage to the skin through UV light. Tanning beds should be avoided too.

  1. Avoid Hot Baths

Hot water can irritate the skin, which is why it’s recommended that you don’t take a bath or shower until 24 hours after your treatment. Remember, your hair follicles have just been destroyed by light that turns to extreme heat and therefore you don’t want to reheat the skin.

  1. Don’t Use Perfumes

A permanent hair removing solution such as laser can make the skin temporarily sensitive, so avoid using perfumes or fragranced lotions for 48 hours.

  1. Avoid Body Scrubs

Embrace gentle skincare routines and don’t use abrasive body scrubs for a few days or until any redness fades away.

  1. Don’t Go Swimming

When it comes to hair removal, you basically want to stay away from irritants, so don’t go swimming for 48 hours either. Pools contain chlorine which is not kind on the skin. The sea can also harbour bacteria and you might find that the salt water stings skin that’s been treated.

  1. Avoid Cosmetic Treatments

Booking a cosmetic treatment is a great way to feel good about yourself, but think carefully about when you have them done. Chemical peels, IPL photofacial, microdermabrasion and other somewhat invasive procedures should take place at least two weeks after laser hair removal to avoid irritating the skin.

  1. Avoid Waxing

Laser hair removal works based on the hair’s natural growth cycle, and treatments are spaced to ensure maximum effectiveness. Waxing or plucking in between treatments can disrupt this cycle, making the whole process less effective so avoid these hair removal methods throughout. Shaving is fine – just be careful not to go over red or irritated skin as this could cause a rash.

Book laser hair removal in Hampshire with Smooth Laser Clinic today and enjoy silky smooth skin. Be sure to always follow aftercare instructions for the very best results.



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