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Does laser hair removal hurt more during menstruation?

Laser hair removal and menstruation

Laser hair removal is considered one of the least painful ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Compared to waxing, threading, and epilation, it provides a more comfortable experience and longer-lasting results. However, everyone has different pain thresholds and women can experience pain differently throughout their menstrual cycle. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from permanent laser hair removal treatments during menstruation.

Why does my pain sensitivity change?

Many women experience heightened pain sensitivity during the premenstrual and menstrual phases of their cycle. It’s thought that this is due to the drop in estrogen that occurs during the luteal (post-ovulation) phase of the cycle. With lower estrogen levels, our bodies produce fewer endorphins – the neurotransmitters that alleviate pain and lower stress.

What does that mean for my laser treatments?

The sensations caused by laser hair removal treatments are generally described as ‘mild discomfort’. Imagine an elastic band snapping against your skin and you’ll have the right idea. When it comes to treatment during menstruation, everyone is different. Some women may feel an increased sense of discomfort or pain, while others will not be significantly affected.

If you’re unsure of how your period will impact your treatments, try to schedule them for the follicular phase of your cycle – the first two weeks following your period.

Managing discomfort during and after laser treatment

Communication with your laser hair removal specialist is vital to ensuring a comfortable and pain-free experience. Your practitioner will adapt the treatment to suit your needs on any given day and according to your sensitivity levels. Many medical-grade lasers, such as the Eneka PRO laser we use here at Smooth Laser Clinic, are also fitted with cooling technology that gently cools the skin during treatment, ensuring you remain comfortable.

After treatment, clients often have the area gently wiped or covered with aloe vera gel for their on-going comfort. It’s also advisable to avoid hot baths and showers for at least 24 hours (and preferably 48 hours) after your session. You should also avoid putting makeup or perfumed products on the treated area. 

Can I have laser hair removal while on my period?

If you feel comfortable with having laser hair removal while on your period, there’s no reason not to. Ultimately, you know your body best and can decide what you prefer. If you are having a bikini line treatment while menstruating, we ask that you use a tampon or menstrual cup for hygiene reasons. If you’re looking for laser hair removal treatments in Hampshire, we at Smooth Laser Clinic can help. As trained, certified, and insured specialists, we can tailor a laser hair removal package to suit your needs and skin type, helping you to achieve the smooth, hair-free skin you desire. Our laser treatments are perfect for men and women, and we only use medical-grade technology to produce lasting results. Contact us today to book a consultation and patch test.



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