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New Year’s Intentions

We’ve ditched the word ‘resolutions’ and instead will be setting some gracefully chosen intentions for 2022.

This time of year it tends to get a bit ‘new year, new me’ – And we get it. It’s the perfect time to make some changes to your life, start afresh and open a new page!

But we also wonder whether many of us really need to be a ‘new’ version of ourselves? The new year is a chance to introduce new hobbies and interests – But from a place of presence rather than pressure.  

If you resolve to do something, or make a change, but then don’t manage to keep to it you’re likely to experience feelings of guilt, shame or failure. When really, this time of year could be a great time to set intentions for the New Year ahead – Things to prompt us to try new things, look after ourselves better and strive for a happier, calmer life.

So with that in mind, we’ve put a list of intentions for the New Year – Things to enhance our lives rather than scold us.

Intentions for the New Year

  • Move your body in a way you enjoy

    Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment for eating ‘too much’ food or not looking a ‘certain way.’ Our bodies do so much for us and deserve to be treated with love and compassion. Choose a way of moving your body and exercising that you enjoy and feel good from – Whether that’s a hardcore cardio workout or a slow, restorative yoga session.

  • Learn a new language

    Have you always wanted to learn a new language but didn’t have the time? Why not now! Maybe you have a holiday planned or you’ve just always wanted to speak a certain language. There are loads of apps that can help with this. We say go for it!

  • Read More Books

    How often do you sit down with an actual book? Not a magazine or your phone – An actual book! There is something so soothing about turning the pages. Whether your thing is fiction or autobiographical – Treat yourself to a new book and set aside some time every day to read for half an hour.

  • Go to Bed Earlier

    Not all of the time, but more of the time. Sleep is so important for us to feel like we are functioning well. It’s easy to get to the end of a busy day and just zone out in front of our favourite Netflix show. How many times have you said ‘just one more episode’ and ended up watching into the early hours of the morning? Commit to a couple of days a week where you will go to bed at 9pm.

  • Call Loved Ones

    We’re all a bit guilty of not calling friends or family as often as we would wish. Sometimes the best thing to do is actually schedule a day and time in each week to make that call. You’ll feel so much better for doing it!

  • Write Someone a Letter

    How often do you receive a letter in the post? You might have got an influx of post over Christmas from all the Christmas cards – And how lovely is it to receive those hand-written notes? Maybe every month or two you could take time out to write to a friend or someone you don’t see very often. It feels a bit more special than a text or email, don’t you think?

  • Make a Sustainable Switch

    Encouraging you to ‘save the planet’ seems a bit much, but we can all make more conscious choices about how we live that take small steps to becoming more sustainable. Buying things with less plastic packaging, or using refillable household items could be a small, meaningful switch you could intend to make this new year.

  • Spend Time Outdoors

    It’s well known that spending time outside in nature is good for our mental wellbeing – A real mood booster! Lockdowns last year meant that we discovered many local places for walks that we didn’t know existed – Have you visited one recently? Getting out each day for a walk became a real focal point of our days – Why not reintroduce this habit into your life for 2022?

  • Devote Some Time to Self-Care

    We all need to look after ourselves in order to be able to look after those around us. It’s not selfish to make time for self-care – It’s actually vital! Without scheduling time to set aside for something just for you, life just gets busy and our self-care gets put at the bottom of the pile. You could swap routines for rituals – Maybe treat yourself to some new products to make washing an enjoyable, sensual experience rather than a chore. Or maybe free up your time for more self-care by swapping your monthly waxing appointments or razors for laser hair removal instead. We had to get it in somewhere, didn’t we? 😊

Whatever intentions you set for yourself in the New Year, we hope 2022 brings you happiness and health!

What would you add to the list? We’d love to hear your own New Year’s intentions! You can tag us on Instagram!



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