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World Menopause Day 2021

Every year on October 18th, it’s World Menopause Day. A day to increase awareness of the various support available to anyone going through this transitional phase of life.

For those in bodies that menstruate, the prospect of going through the menopause is just something we accept. A natural part of mid-life that we try to embrace with grace and acceptance.

What can be harder for some to accept, however, is the increase of unwanted hair, particularly on the facial area.

During the menopause, ovary produced estrogen decreases. This means that the ratio between estrogen and androgens (including the ‘male’ hormone testosterone) also changes as testosterone levels don’t alter as dramatically.

This hormonal shift can cause changes in hair growth, particularly on the face, potentially causing more facial hair. Those going through the menopause may see an increase in hair on the face, chin and neck.

How Can I Stop Facial Hair During the Menopause?

Whilst we may not be experts on the medical options available to support menopause symptoms, we are experts in laser hair removal.

We can’t stop the hormone fluctuations but we can help you to permanently reduce unwanted hair almost anywhere on your body!

As we said above, the affected areas during the menopause tend to be the face, chin and neck. These are all areas that we can treat with laser hair removal.

Our skin can tend to get a bit thinner as we age, so you may find that waxing and plucking can feel a bit more painful the older you get.

Not only that, but having to wax, bleach or tweeze the unwanted hairs is an ongoing commitment that costs you time and money.

The thing with waxing, tweezing and bleaching is that it only lasts a set amount of time before you’ve got to do it all again. That can get a bit tedious.

The great thing about laser hair removal, is that each time you have a treatment, you’re not just removing the hair on your upper lip, chin or neck, but you’re also actually helping to prevent it from growing back again.

With each treatment, you will target different hair follicles so that eventually, over a period of approximately 9 months (based on 6 treatments, 1 every 6 weeks), you’ll have treated almost all hair follicles in the growth hair cycle resulting in a significant reduction in hair.

It’s Never Too Late to Laser

It’s not just young adults we see in our Horndean clinic. Young twenty-somethings aren’t the only ones who take pride in their appearance and ownership over unwanted hair! Laser hair removal is effective at any age.

There are many elements of aging that we have to just accept – Like the menopause – But hair popping up in places where you previously didn’t have any is not one of them.

If you’re at a later stage in life and have started to notice new hairs or thicker hairs that are more difficult to get rid of, you don’t need to just put up with it.

Even if you might not have had to deal with unwanted hair until later in life, laser hair removal is still a great option for you.

Getting older is no reason to feel uncomfortable in your own skin – It’s never too late to get rid of unwanted hair and you deserve to feel confident and YOU. Just because you may be in a later stage of life, doesn’t mean it’s too late for laser hair removal. It’s never too late to take a step towards a more confident you.

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