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Is Laser Hair Removal Effective At Any Age?

The sun has finally made an appearance and we’re all revelling in the chance to be outside in the warm sunshine! There really is nothing quite like that sun-kissed feeling on your skin – Bring on the Summer months!

After a long Winter of dreary weather and having to stay locked indoors with nowhere to go, you deserve to embrace the warmer weather feeling comfortable and confident with your skin.

Lockdown hasn’t made it easy for people to keep up with all sorts of routines – From exercise to hair removal! Luckily, laser hair removal is the easiest, most effective way to get rid of any unwanted hair. It’s time to feel more like you again!

Is laser hair removal more effective at a certain age?

We often get asked if laser hair removal is most effective at a particular age – But the answer is, it’s just as effective no matter what age you are.

You could be 19 or 90 – The results will be just the same. Laser hair removal treatment is effective at any age and is the best way to permanently reduce your hair.

If you have unwanted hair that you would feel happier without, then now is the perfect time to give laser hair removal a go – Regardless of your age.

Do you have unwanted hair holding you back from being your best self?

After long lockdowns where your social life has been put on hold, unwanted hair is the last thing you need holding you back from getting back out there with friends and family.

You’re likely busy with establishing your career and socialising with friends in your spare time. Gone are the days when you have endless amounts of time to stare into the mirror and pluck away any unwanted hairs!

Hair removal can become a bit of a draining task, but there’s no need to view it that way. Why not make it a little act of self-care – Some time and money invested in caring for you. Laser hair removal isn’t just about hygienic hair removal – It’s as much about boosting your self-esteem and increasing your confidence. Investing in those things for yourself is priceless.

We see many young adults here at Smooth Laser, getting laser hair removal treatments to get rid of that unwanted hair. Now is the perfect time to give yourself a little boost.

Don’t let the emergence of rogue hair through aging grind you down

It’s not just young adults we see in our clinic. Young twenty-somethings aren’t the only ones who take pride in their appearance and ownership over unwanted hair! There are many elements of aging that we have to just accept – But hair popping up in places where you previously didn’t have any isn’t one of them.

Aging can cause many changes in the body – New hairs or thicker hairs that are more difficult to get rid of don’t need to be something you have to just put up with.

You might not have had to deal much with unwanted hair until later in life – But laser hair removal is still a great option for you. Skin tends to get thinner as we age, so you may find that waxing and plucking starts to get more painful the older you get.

Getting older is no reason to feel uncomfortable in your own skin – It’s never too late to get rid of unwanted hair and you deserve to feel confident and YOU. Just because you may be in a later stage of life, doesn’t mean it’s too late for laser hair removal. It’s never too late to take a step towards a more confident you.

You’re worth it

Whatever phase of life you’re in, you deserve to feel your best self. Don’t let any unwanted hair hold you back from what you want to do. We’ve been restricted in what we can do for long enough – Don’t let the reason you continue to hide away be due to having hair in places you don’t want it.

Call us today and book a consultation – Laser hair removal could be just the confidence boost you need to get back out there and enjoy long Summer days with your favourite people.



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