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The Perfect Time for Laser Hair Removal is Now

We are open!

It’s been a long, cold Winter. It may still be feeling chilly, but we have been eagerly anticipating April and being able to open our doors to our lovely laser hair removal clients.

Chances are, many of us have some unwanted lockdown hair that needs tending to before the Summer arrives and we see some proper sunshine. Winter generally is a popular time for permanent hair removal for various reasons, including:

  • You strictly must not tan whilst receiving laser treatment
  • You must try to keep the area receiving treatment out of the sun
  • Laser hair removal can work better on darker hairs and paler skin which tend to occur more in the Winter months

Due to lockdown and social distancing restrictions, we obviously weren’t able to offer any laser hair removal treatments to our loyal Hampshire customers over the Winter period. But never fear people of Emsworth, Horndean, Petersfield, Denmead and Havant – Now our doors are open, and the timing couldn’t be much better!

Seeing as we tend to enjoy the glorious British weather down here in the south of England (anyone had snow the last few days?), it’s still a bit too cold to be sunbathing on the beach. We’ll still be wrapping up in those pub gardens for a while too!

So before we start to see some serious sun, if you’ve been pondering permanent hair removal for a while then why not give it a go? Get those treatments in before warmer weather emerges and the layers of clothing start to drop off.

Let’s cover a few quick questions that you may have.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by specifically targeting the hair follicle, ensuring that the area of skin surrounding it remains undamaged. A beam of light from the laser goes down the hair to the follicle, where the laser energy is converted to heat. This heat destroys the follicle and stops the blood supply to the hair, which prevents re-growth.

Does it hurt?

Our medical grade lasers are designed to make laser hair removal treatment as comfortable as possible, with a cooling element built into the treatment. Some clients may feel a slight ‘pinging elastic band’ sensation, but many feel no discomfort at all. Plus, in comparison to the obvious pain of waxing and tweezing, it’s really a no-brainer.

How long does laser hair removal treatment take?

How long each treatment takes largely depends on what area you are treating. For permanent hair removal on the upper lip, you’re looking at around 5 minutes for the treatment itself. If you having laser hair removal on full legs then it would be closer to an hour.

Each area being treated needs approximately 6 separate treatment sessions, and each session must be 4-6 weeks apart.

Is there anything I need to do before booking laser hair removal treatment?

Our expertly trained laser hair removal therapist will need to meet you for an initial consultation prior to the treatment itself. This consultation will include the assessment of your skin colour, hair colour and hair type so that we can make sure the treatment is tailored to you.

So what are you waiting for?

We’ve been in hiding long enough – Don’t keep your body hidden for even longer due to unwanted hair!

Come and get summer ready – Get in touch today to start your permanent hair removal journey.



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