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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal isn’t just for women – Here at Smooth Laser we also see men who are eager to get rid of unwanted hair on their bodies.

Laser hair removal is a popular choice when it comes to the permanent reduction of unwanted hair. This safe and effective method has lured many men away from more painful and traditional methods of hair removal like waxing, plucking or even the banality of regular shaving.

For long-lasting results, laser hair removal is the way to go whether it’s for facial grooming or other areas of unwanted hair on the body.

It’s reliable, saves time, and can even help stop those pesky ingrown hairs that are so common after waxing and shaving.

For any men that aren’t familiar with how laser hair removal works, check out our blog…..

The time laser hair removal takes depends on the area being treated – The face is generally much quicker than larger areas like the back or chest. Treatment sessions can take between 10 minutes and 2 hours depending on the target area.

What parts of the body are popular for laser hair removal in men?

– The Face

This might not be what springs straight to mind, but many men take painstaking time over shaving and perfecting their facial hair.

For men who have too much, or even unruly facial hair, laser hair removal can help to provide a sharp and well-defined beard line. If you’re someone who spends time plucking in order to maintain a clean line and look well-groomed, then this could be just the treatment for you. Beard shaping is the most popular laser hair removal target among men.

– Stomach

If you’ve ever attempted removing stubborn hairs on your tummy with waxing then you’ll know how painful it is. Shaving this area is also extremely repetitive to maintain a certain look. Laser hair removal is a fantastic option for someone wanting to permanent reduce the amount of hair on their tummy.

– Chest

Not all men want a hair chest. Many men prefer thinner chest hair, or even a completely smooth, hairless chest.

Laser hair removal is a successful method of permanent hair reduction in this area, without the pain of waxing or repeated shaving sessions. Any new hair that does grow back will get finer each time you have a laser hair removal treatment.  

– Back

Laser hair removal is popular among men who are in the glamour industry or even just those who are addicted to the gym! Many of these men (and many others too!) want to remove the hair on their backs. If you’re feeling self-conscious due to the excess hair on your back and feel it’s stopping you from flaunting the body you’ve spent so much time in the gym working on, then laser hair removal could be just the solution. Laser hair removal treatment on the back can help get rid of those fuzzy back hairs and get you en-route to smooth, hair-free skin

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Smooth Laser hair removal clinic welcome any men who want to permanently reduce any unwanted hair on their bodies. We offer laser hair removal treatment for both men and women in a friendly, professional clinic in Horndean, Hampshire. Give us a call to chat through your hair removal needs and see how we can help you get the smooth, hair-free skin you desire



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