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5 Reasons to Gift Yourself Laser Hair Removal this Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us! We bet you’ve been running around making sure you have everything to make sure Christmas is as perfect as possible for everyone you care about.

But what about you?

This is your sign to just stop for a second and take a slow, deep breath.

Have you got what you need for a perfect Christmas? Have you done things to make it an enjoyable time for you? Whether that’s taking time out from wrapping presents for a relaxing bath, or swapping the busy city centres for an hour of yoga. Choose something to soothe you for a little bit.

And why not give yourself a little treat, too?

We know it’s a bit late to be adding to your Christmas List – Santa is probably already well on his way by now…! But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself, does it?

When we need a little pick me up, we tend to have a bit of a splurge on a new lipstick, a dress or some shoes!

But what about this year, to save you from tears (from waxing) you give yourself something a bit more special – In the form of laser hair removal?

This is the gift that keeps on giving.

5 reasons to gift yourself laser hair removal this year

  1. Convenience and Confidence

    We all have those little things that niggle away a bit at our self-confidence. If unwanted hair on your face or body is that ‘little thing’ then don’t let it niggle at you any longer! Laser hair removal can significantly reduce unwanted hair, giving you that confidence back! Not only that, but because it’s longer lasting than waxing, plucking or shaving, it’s a lot more convenient too!

  2. No More Irritation

    Off to a Christmas party and suddenly remember you haven’t shaved? We don’t blame you – It’s cold and we’ve been living in jeans and jumpers! But that’s probably not the look you’re going for at a Christmas Do (if it hasn’t been cancelled…). Shaving in a rush can leave your skin sensitive, bumpy, itchy and irritated. Laser hair removal takes away all of that irritation and last minute ‘need to shave’ panic by keeping your skin smooth and hair free after your completed schedule of sessions.

  3. Give Yourself the Gift of Time

    How long does it take you to shave, pluck and/or wax? How often do you have to do it? Whether it’s a monthly wax, a weekly pluck or daily shave, when you add all that time up – It’s a lot! What better things could you be doing with your time? Self-care perhaps? A hot coffee? Time with a loved one? At Christmas time you’ve got enough to be doing, without worrying about fitting in hair removal too. The great thing about laser hair removal is that the treatment is quick and long-lasting. Once you’ve completed your sessions, you only need the odd top up every now and then. Leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin and lots more free time to enjoy!

  4. Laser Hair Removal is Worth the Investment

    Yes, it might seem a bit pricey at first glance. But you are worth it – And so is the laser hair removal! Think about how much you spend on razors or waxing appointments over the course of a year – It’s more than it might seem! And with waxing and shaving, you’re getting immediate hair removal and nothing more – The hair just grows right back! Laser hair removal not only removes the hair, but prevents it from growing back as quickly and as thick – Permanently reducing unwanted hair. Doesn’t that seem much less wasteful?

  5. Tis the Season

    Along with everything we’ve said above, this is actually the best time of year to start your laser hair removal journey. We’ve covered this in a previous blog, but the main thing to remember is that you need to avoid sunshine and high temperatures after a laser hair removal session. During these chillier months, we’re all snuggled up in jeans and cosy jumpers – The perfect time to start your laser hair removal ready for Spring and Summer!

So don’t wait for Santa to leave you something under the tree – Treat yourself instead and give yourself the gift of laser hair removal this Christmas.

Happy Hair-Free Holidays!



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