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5 Reasons Why Autumn and Winter is the Perfect Time to Start Laser Hair Removal

The days are shorter, the nights are darker and the air feels colder – November arrived and brought the chill factor with it!

We think it’s safe to say that most of us have started layering up – We’ve all been wearing our tights, jumpers and winter coats!

What with all that covering up, you might think what’s the point in hair removal? But actually, Winter is the perfect time to start your laser hair removal journey.

5 Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal in the Winter

  1. Less Sunshine

    One of the most important things when getting laser hair removal, is to stay out of the sun for two weeks prior to your session and 2 weeks afterwards. That’s because sun exposure on top of the laser hair removal treatment can cause pigmentation, scarring and even burning in severe cases. So now the sun has put his hat away for the colder months, it’s easier to keep those areas of skin covered and away from those harmful rays.

    If you’ve been wanting to treat your legs, arms or upper lip area then now is the time! These places are difficult to keep covered in the hotter, sunnier months. But now we’re not out sunbathing, and instead cosying up on the sofa, it’s a great time to book in your laser hair removal sessions and get those legs smooth and hair-free ready for Spring.

  2. Bye Bye Summer Tan

    Laser hair removal works best when there is more contrast between the hair and skin, for example, pale skin and dark hairs. Any sort of tan – Whether it’s real or fake – Is a definite no-no if you’re having laser hair removal. During the Winter, we tend to lose any tan we may have built up over the sunny months, or stop feeling the need to fake-tan. Hairs that were naturally sun-bleached will also start to darken. This makes Winter an ideal time to start laser hair removal!

  3. There’s Plenty of Time

    For the best laser hair removal results, we recommend several regular treatments with intervals of 4-6 weeks. This means that if you start during the Autumn and continue with your appointments through the Winter, you should be smooth and hair-free for when Spring arrives and ready to slip into that bikini for those early summer holidays.

  4. Take Away Hair Removal Stress for other Seasons

    Put your hand up if you breathe a little sigh of relief when the cold weather arrives – Jeans and jumpers means less time spent on shaving underarms and legs! Hooray! It’s laborious, and monotonous trying to keep on top of shaving during the warmer months.

And if you wax, you can relax knowing that the period of re-growth you inevitably get will be better hidden under numerous layers of warm clothing.

But what if come the Winter we can use these colder months to prepare for the warmer ones? Whilst you’re not worrying so much about whether your legs are smooth and hair-free, why not book in to start laser hair removal? The earlier you start, the more likely you will be hair-free come the Spring and Summer when the sun starts to emerge!

5. You Sweat Less in Winter

Laser hair removal works by heating and destroying the hair follicle. This means that the skin around the hair follicle can feel more sensitive to heat for around 24-48 hours after your treatment session. As we said above, it’s important to avoid sun exposure so the area doesn’t get too hot. It’s also advisable to avoid excessive sweat just after a laser hair removal session – Something that can be tricky during the Summer months! Now is the ideal time of year to ensure you stay cool after your hair removal session, keeping you comfortable.

How Does a Hair-Free Summer Sound?

It’s easy to neglect hair removal over the winter months. It’s cold and we naturally want to cosy up in comforting layers! But just remember the arduous task of keeping on top of shaving, hair removal creams and waxing when it’s hot and sunny outside. You can avoid that if you start laser hair removal now!

Get in touch with our friendly team today and let us guide you through the Winter to a hair-free Summer!



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