Laser Hair Removal Portsmouth

What’s Stopping You?

Whether you’ve been umming and ahhing about laser hair removal for a while, or it’s never crossed your mind – What’s stopping you from just going for it, right now? 

Maybe we can alleviate some of those worries and answer some of your questions. 

“I don’t have time”

We’re going to be direct – You do have time. If you remove unwanted hair and don’t just let it grow, then you are already investing time removing it. Whether that’s shaving every time you get in the shower, or scheduling 6-weekly appointments for a wax – You are already spending the time. And with shaving and waxing – That’s never going to stop. You are always going to need to grab the razor, or schedule the appointment. The difference with laser hair removal is that with each session, you are reducing the amount of hair regrowth permanently. You are actually saving your future self some time. 

So really, you need to be asking yourself, do you have time not to laser?

“It’s too expensive”

How much do you spend on razors, and how often do you need to buy them? How much do you spend on a wax every 6 weeks? It’s similar to what we said above really – You’re already spending the money. You’re either spending money on a regular basis buying razors, or paying for a wax. But again, with laser hair removal, eventually those appointments are going to be fewer and further between. Because with every session, you’re permanently reducing the hair and preventing it from growing back. Once you’ve completed a cycle of approximately 8 treatments, you should only need one or two a year to keep on top of any regrowth. You’re going to be saving your future self money. Laser hair removal can be a much better investment than other hair removal options. 

So once again, can you afford not to laser?

“I’m scared it’ll hurt!” 

Let’s be honest – No one wants to be in pain. Of course, there’s the age old saying ‘beauty is pain’ but it really doesn’t need to be that way. There isn’t really another hair removal technique that’s completely devoid of any discomfort, is there? Shaving might not hurt at the time (unless you nick your ankle!) but if you have sensitive skin and suffer with razor burn then those little red bumps can be very uncomfortable. Not to mention the ingrown hairs and itchiness. And everyone knows that waxing isn’t exactly pleasurable! 

In comparison, laser hair removal is actually quite tame. Some people report a warm ‘pinging’ sensation on the skin, akin to an elastic band, but many people don’t find it that uncomfortable at all. It always tends to be much worse in your imagination that in real life! 

“I feel too embarrassed…” 

We get it. Most people feel a little self-conscious about stripping off and revealing intimate parts of themselves in front of strangers. But this is our day job! We see and treat people every day – We have quite literally seen it all before. And we don’t bat an eyelid. 

We’re friendly and professional, and will do everything we can to put you at ease. If you’re still feeling a bit shy at the thought of it, have a read of a previous blog of ours which goes into this in a bit more detail – Don’t let embarrassment hold you back! 

“How do I know the clinic is someone I can trust?”

It can be hard to find a laser hair removal specialist that you feel you can trust. Much of our clientele comes from word of mouth – We really do pride ourselves on looking after our clients. 

You don’t have to take our word for it either – We have many lovely reviews on Google from our wonderful clients sharing their thoughts. We collated a few of them here if you’d like to read them. 

Still feeling unsure about laser hair removal?

Give our clinic a call. We’d be more than happy to chat through the options with you and put your mind at ease. 

And if you’re feeling ready to finally take that first step towards smooth, hair-free skin, then head over to our Treatment List where you can find our full range of laser hair removal treatment options. 



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