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Laser Hair Removal for Brides to Be

It’s the most special day of your life. All eyes are on you – Not least your new husband’s! And the last thing you want on your mind is unwanted body hair.

It’s popular for brides-to-be to schedule in a pre-wedding wax – Bikini line, legs and under arms are popular choices with our brides too! If you’re planning your wedding then how about considering a more permanent solution for hair reduction?

Imagine returning from your honeymoon with no signs of hair re-growth!

Being the centre of attention can be a daunting prospect for some, especially if there are areas you feel a bit self-conscious about.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! We’re 9 months out from peak wedding season – Which gives you plenty of time to start a laser hair removal programme tailored exactly to your needs.

Brides from Horndean, Emsworth, Denmead, Havant and Petersfield (plus some from further afield!) are visiting our clinic in preparation for their special day – Leaving feeling full of beauty and self-confidence for their wedding day!

Bride Beauty Checklist

There are lots of things for the bride and groom to think about in the run up to their wedding day. The obvious things are venue, food, photographer and of course THE dress – But for many brides the pre-wedding beauty regime is pretty important to.

Here’s a handy check-list for those pre-wedding beauty must haves!

  • A bit of pampering and skin nourishment with a facial
  • Hair appointments with your favourite hairdresser to get your style and colour just perfect
  • A hair and make-up trial with an artist of your choice
  • Treat those nails to a lovely manicure so you’re ready to show off that new jewellery
  • Don’t neglect the rest of your body! If unwanted hair on your underarms, legs, bikini line and other areas are making you shrink away then now is the time to book in some laser hair removal sessions in preparation for the big day

Laser Hair Removal Tips for Brides

If you’re interested in laser hair removal before your big day then there are a few things you need to know beforehand. Here are our top tips for brides-to-be from our laser hair removal experts – Laser hair removal in Horndean can help you get ready for the big day.

  • Start early!

This isn’t like a quick wax appointment the week before the big day. Laser hair removal takes time to be effective due to the hair follicle being in different growth cycles at different times. This means that multiple appointments are needed, 6-8 weeks apart, in order to be the most successful. All hairs need to be targeted when they are in the growing stage of their growth cycle. A good guide is to book your first laser hair removal session about 8 months before the wedding, and make sure your last session is about a month before the big day itself.

  • Laser is less painful than waxing

    Of course, everyone’s pain thresholds are different, but generally people find laser hair removal less painful than waxing. Many liken it to a hot sensation or the pinging of an elastic band against the skin. Obviously, some body areas are more sensitive than others but if you’ve dealt with the pain of waxing then our laser hair removal experts are pretty confident that you’ll sail through a laser session. Underarms and the bikini area can be a little tender, but the results are so worth it.

  • Results last longer than other hair removal methods

    Whilst it may seem a lot of money to spend on hair removal, the long-term investment is worth the cost. If you imagine the amount of money you spend on razors or waxes over a lifetime, that’s going to add up. The great thing about laser hair removal is it’s a much more long-term method of hair reduction. After your course of laser hair removal treatment, you’ll likely just need a top-up session once or twice a year. Imagine hardly ever having to worry about removing unwanted hair again, not least on your honeymoon!

  • Stay out of the sun!

    It’s really important to stay out of the sun after you’ve had laser hair removal – That means no tanning beds either! Wear a high factor sun cream if you are out in the sun before, after or between laser hair removal sessions so you stay protected. You don’t want that area to become irritated or inflamed! That also means timing your last pre-wedding laser hair removal session at least a month before the big day if you’re planning to go off on honeymoon to a hot, exotic country. If you’re planning for fake tan then make sure it’s after your last hair removal session – Laser isn’t as effective if there is less contrast between the hair and the skin.

  • Don’t forget the groom!

    Grooms need pampering too! There are plenty of reasons why laser hair removal is also a great option for men (Groom or not!). Why not book in some couples sessions and have your unwanted body hair zapped together! After all, doesn’t the saying go ‘those who laser together, stay together?’

Laser hair removal for armpits, legs and bikini line

Apart from your eyes, laser hair removal can be done on pretty much any area of the body.

The most popular areas for Brides are the underarms, legs and bikini line, but if there is another area bothering you then give us a call and chat to us. We’re happy to help and we sure won’t judge. We’re used to lasering intimate or ‘embarrassing’ areas and it’s just another day in the office for us professionals.

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. You deserve to feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt. If you’ve got the perfect gown, hair and make-up sorted, nails on point – Don’t let unwanted body hair be the thing that holds you back from feeling your best self.

We love it when Brides come to us here at Smooth Laser Clinic and we love hearing all about your big day plans – We can’t wait to see you soon!



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