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3 Common Shaving Problems

Shaving Problems and the Solution

Achieving soft, smooth, and hair-free skin isn’t always easy, especially if you rely on razors to get the job done properly. Shaving problems are common, which is why many people turn to permanent laser hair removal for long-term results. But what are the most common issues with shaving and why should you look for an alternative solution?

Problem 1: Razor Rash

Using a sharp blade to remove unwanted hair can lead to a skin irritation known as razor rash. Razors are advertised as being largely kind to skin. They can be colourful, patterned, and available with soap attached to help make the shaving process gentler. But the fact of the matter is, razor blades scraping across delicate skin can still lead to irritation and redness – particularly if your skin is sensitive or you shave regularly and go over patches that are already inflamed.

The Solution:

A laser hair removal package is a great way of significantly reducing hair growth over a period of time. As the laser only targets the hair follicle and not the skin, minimal irritation occurs, and the skin should look normal in no time. Laser hair removal is only required once every four to six weeks to ensure it targets hair in the ‘growth’ phase and eventually, only maintenance treatments will be needed. This means you won’t have to keep shaving to achieve soft skin.

Problem 2: Rapid Regrowth

Many people find they have to shave daily. This is because hair is only removed from the surface of the skin and therefore grows back quickly. You might shave your legs in the morning, for example, only to find they feel stubbly by the evening, which is not ideal if you’ve planned a date night or evening out. What’s more, if you suffer from hair in embarrassing places, then rapid regrowth can be a huge annoyance. Women with facial hair, for instance, often choose to see a laser hair removal specialist to help sort the issue.

The Solution

Laser hair removal is great for combatting rapid hair regrowth. It targets the hair follicle to ensure it grows back lighter, finer, and eventually not at all. If the hair does continue to grow back, it won’t feel as stubbly or look as unsightly. This is a huge bonus for women with PCOS who suffer from facial hair, as it allows them to feel more feminine. Having a stubbly upper lip, chin, neck or sideburns can be embarrassing and might affect self-confidence, which is why laser hair removal has become such a popular solution.

Problem 3: Ingrown Hairs

Both men and women can suffer from ingrown hairs on their bodies. When you shave, the stubbly hairs can grow inwards instead of outwards, causing inflammation, bumps, and red patches. Ingrown hairs can even cause an infection if not removed and treated.

The Solution

Laser hair removal reduces the spiky hair regrowth that can lead to ingrown hairs. It targets the root of the hair directly, preventing it from growing. The skin isn’t damaged meaning you can enjoy a significant reduction in hair without worrying about blemishes and irritation.

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