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Hair Removal Tips for Sensitive Skin

Tips for Sensitive Skin

Removing unwanted body hair when you’ve got sensitive skin can seem like a mission. From plucking and waxing to shaving and epilating, many procedures can leave you with red, irritated and sore skin that’s far from soft or smooth. The good news is there are now permanent laser hair removal techniques designed to reduce and inhibit hair growth over time. A laser hair removal specialist will carry out a thorough consultation and provide a treatment that’s right for you. So, let’s check out more hair removal tips for sensitive skin.

Hair Removal Techniques to Avoid

If you’ve got sensitive skin, waxing might not be the best option for you. This is because it removes hairs from the root and can cause redness and irritation, particularly if your skin is already cut or raised from shaving. Plucking should also be avoided as it can leave scars. Also, if you accidentally pinch your skin with the tweezers, you can leave a red cut or mark that takes days to fade.

Possible Hair Removal Options for Sensitive Skin

Threading could be an option to explore instead of plucking as it’s fast and precise. Be sure to get this done by a threading expert at a trusted salon to minimise the chance of redness afterwards.

If your skin is sensitive, shaving is an option but it’s best not to shave too often. Shaving over red, irritated skin will just make the problem worse, so you’ll need to wait for things to settle down between shaves.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Very Sensitive Skin?

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, even if you have very sensitive skin. This is because the concentrated light beam used to destroy hair follicles targets the melanin (pigment) of the hair itself, not the skin. Many modern laser hair removal machines also come with an in-built cooling system to prevent the area from overheating.

Professional laser experts will also know how hot the laser can be for your skin type and will advise you on appropriate laser hair removal aftercare. You can also buy a laser hair removal package, with each appointment spread out over several weeks. This allows hairs to be targeted at the right stage of regrowth and will give you a breather between appointments.

If you have sensitive skin, you can avoid irritation from laser hair removal by staying out of the sun before and after your appointment, using the right aftercare products and avoiding soaps, moisturisers and perfumes that might irritate the area.

Which Hair Removal Method is Best for Sensitive Skin?

As laser hair removal targets the melanin only, it’s one of the best options for sensitive skin. Unlike other permanent hair removal techniques such as electrolysis, laser hair removal does not penetrate the skin with a fine needle or disturb the skin’s surface layer. What’s more, laser hair removal does not pull hairs from the root like waxing, epilation or plucking, so there’s little to no redness post-treatment.

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