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The Best Laser Treatments to Get You Summer Ready

Be Summer Ready Permanently

Why not ditch the razor this summer and enjoy soft, stubble-free skin? Laser hair removal can reduce and inhibit hair growth for long periods of time and is the perfect way to feel confident when temperatures rise. With beach-ready laser hair removal packages also available, you can tailor this treatment to suit your lifestyle, whether you’re planning a bikini holiday or just want to look your best for a staycation.

Electrolysis Vs Laser Hair Removal

When looking at the hair removal options available, you may be weighing up electrolysis Vs laser hair removal. With electrolysis, an electric current is used to destroy hair follicles. The current is passed into the follicle via a super thin probe which targets each hair follicle individually. The process is highly effective for hair removal, destroying both active and dormant hairs within the follicle. Eventually, hair won’t grow back at all. Electrolysis works on any hair colour and type, but many people find this hair removal technique rather painful.

Permanent laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light to target the melanin in hair – not the skin. Light energy is turned to heat energy, and this destroys the hair follicle. Unlike electrolysis, laser hair removal can cover large areas quickly and is virtually pain-free. It works best on dark hair with more melanin.

Beach Ready Laser Packages

If you’re looking for a hair removal technique that’s relatively painless and can cover a large area quickly, then laser hair removal is likely to be your treatment of choice. Various laser hair removal packages are available to get you ready for the beach, so let’s take a look at some of the best available from Smooth Laser Clinic.

  • Bikini and Underarms

Hit the beach in style with a smooth bikini line and underarms. Wear that bikini with confidence, knowing that your skin looks as good and there won’t be any rashes or redness to contend with.

  • Bikini, Full Leg and Underarms

Ditch the razor for good and enjoy hair-free legs as well as smooth underarms, and a perfect bikini line. Avoid razor bumps and irritation caused by daily shaving. Half-leg treatments are also available as part of the package should you wish to keep costs down.

  • Brazilian/Hollywood, Full Leg and Underarms

The hair removal package you choose can be tailored to your preferences, with several bikini options available, including the Brazilian and full Hollywood. This is offered with a full leg and underarm treatment for the perfect beach-ready body.

Book your laser hair removal treatments in Hampshire at the Smooth Laser Clinic now and feel summer ready in no time. Our specialists will provide a consultation and patch test before beginning full treatment, so you can be sure the sessions will be effective and comfortable.



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