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Laser Hair Removal at Home Vs Professional

Laser hair removal at home – what you need to know

Laser hair removal at home might seem like the most desirable option. After all, you won’t have to tell a complete stranger where your stray hairs are growing . But is a DIY approach to silky smooth skin the best way forward or should you seek the help of a laser hair removal specialist for permanent laser hair removal? Let’s find out.

Should you do laser hair removal at home?

If you’re tired of stubble, razor bumps and ingrown hairs, you might have considered permanent laser hair removal at home. There are many DIY gadgets available these days that’ll help you to achieve softer, silkier skin either via a laser or a tool that emits bright flashes of light. Both are easy to use and are designed to destroy hair follicles and reduce regrowth. But will they achieve salon professional results? Well, probably not.

The benefits of zapping away unwanted hairs at home are these:

  • You don’t have to go to a salon and can face embarrassing body hair in the comfort of your own home.
  • Home laser devices can be costly but they’re a one-time purchase and can last for quite a while making them bank balance friendly.
  • Hair removal can be achieved, especially if you have the right hair colour and skin type for the machine you’re using. Be sure to always read the instructions.

Is professional hair removal better?

While home hair removal has its benefits, professional in-clinic laser hair removal is the best approach to achieving long-term hair removal. Here’s why:

  • Professional laser hair removal machines are a lot more powerful and therefore tend to produce better results. The machines are a lot bigger and can cover larger areas quickly compared to small, handheld hair removal devices.
  • Laser hair removal specialists understand the hair cycle and know that you need treatment every four weeks. They’ll schedule appointments and keep track of which areas have been treated. A lack of knowledge can hinder your home treatment. And if you simply forget to treat the same areas then the treatment will be less effective. 
  • Laser hair removal professionals can also provide an extensive consultation to see if the treatment is right for your hair type. Typically, laser hair removal works better on dark hair and light skin and the power can be adjusted depending on how stubborn the hairs are. The skincare expert will also provide you with aftercare instructions to cool the skin and prevent redness.
  • Going to a salon will prevent patchy hair reduction as it’ll be carried out by a laser expert. Zapping your hairs at home with no experience will not achieve the same accuracy.
  • Going to a laser hair clinic offers much needed ‘you time’ and ensures you take time out of your busy schedule for a bit of pampering.

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