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New Year, Smoother You!

Get smoother skin with laser hair removal

The New Year is a time for reviewing our goals and deciding what we want for the coming months. Perhaps you’re aiming to get fitter or invest more time in self-care. If part of your plan involves getting more me-time and smoother skin, laser hair removal is a great way to achieve that. Although it may not be the first thing that springs to mind, getting laser treatments can save you heaps of time and effort in the long term – meaning a reduction in body maintenance and more time for the things you enjoy.

How can laser hair removal save me time?

It’s not the most obvious solution to making space in your busy life for other things, but laser hair removal is a great way to save time on mundane maintenance. If you typically wax, shave or tweeze your body hair, you’ll know that it’s something that needs doing regularly. This, of course, takes time (either to do it yourself at home or to have treatment at a salon).

With laser hair removal, the reduction in hair is permanent. Most people need 6-8 sessions at 4-6 week intervals, and after that, you’ll only need top-up treatments once or twice a year at most. Depending on the treated area, the sessions are quite short, meaning you could be in and out of the clinic during your lunch break.

After your course of treatments, there’s no more need to worry about pre-holiday waxing or shaving in the shower several times a week. You’re ready to go with no effort at all.

Why start treatment now?

Winter is the perfect time to start your laser sessions, as you’ll need to keep the areas out of the sun over the course of the treatment. In the summer, the lure of warm weather and fresh air can be too much to resist, so now is the perfect time to start. Choosing a combination treatment such as a bikini line and underarms also means you can have these areas treated during the same session, ensuring you’re ready for summer quicker.

Another great reason for booking your first session in January is that when having laser hair removal, you need to avoid using other hair removal treatments. That means no waxing, epilating or tweezing – although shaving is fine. Hair grows in cycles and must be targeted at a particular time in the cycle in order for the laser treatment to be effective. If the cycle is disrupted by other methods that remove hair at the root, it will prevent your laser treatment from being as successful. In winter, we tend to be covered up, so you can allow the hair to grow freely without worry.

Start your journey to smoother skin

As a laser hair removal specialist, we at Smooth Laser Clinic have been treating clients for years and provide a pain-free, effective service that will leave your skin silky smooth. If you’re looking for laser hair removal in Hampshire, get in touch with us today for a consultation and patch test.



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