Laser Hair Removal Portsmouth

Laser hair removal with Eneka PRO

One of the best laser hair removal machines in Hampshire

Here at the Smooth Laser Clinic, we’re excited to have acquired the latest Eneka PRO Diode Laser technology, which delivers an exceptional level of hair removal and leaves a flawless finish. This high-powered laser is effective and comfortable, giving clients a positive experience and fantastic results.

What are the benefits of Eneka PRO?

The Eneka PRO Diode technology offers many benefits for those seeking smoother skin. Here are just a few of them:

Unrivalled results

Our laser hair removal therapists can adjust the laser settings to suit your specific skin and hair types, delivering a fully personalised treatment that’s safe and effective. The Eneka Pro can achieve up to 5,000 watts of power and emits a 755nm wavelength, eliminating not only thick, dark hairs but also finer, less pigmented hair for lasting results. As one of the most effective laser hair removal machines in the Hampshire area, Eneka PRO guarantees permanent hair reduction and reduces the need for follow-up treatments.

Comfortable treatment

The Eneka PRO features a built-in Contact Cooling Sapphire Tip system, which cools the skin as the laser is emitted, creating a safer and more comfortable experience during treatment. Even those with a low pain threshold will experience less discomfort than other laser hair removal methods.


The Eneka PRO technology can be used to remove hair from wherever you wish. Whether you want to get rid of thick underarm hair or fine hairs on your fingers and toes, it can be adapted to suit the area you’d like treated.

Reduced treatment time

Treatments with Eneka PRO are ultra-fast, allowing a larger area to be treated in one session. You can expect a session to last between five minutes (for the upper lip) to around 45 minutes for a full leg treatment.

What to do before and after treatment

As with other laser hair removal methods, there are certain recommendations we give for the days before and after treatment. In the days before a session, clients should avoid exposure to the sun, as well as the use of self-tanning and hair bleaching products. After treatment, we advise keeping treated areas out of the sun, and avoiding any additional hair removal products and systems that target the hair at the root.

Why choose Smooth Laser Clinic?

Here at the Smooth Laser Clinic, our laser hair removal specialists are fully trained to provide safe hair removal with lasting results. We’ll tailor treatments to your specific skin type, hair thickness and colour, ensuring you can enjoy super smooth skin with minimal need for follow-up treatments.

We offer affordable laser hair removal treatments in Hampshire, with prices starting from just £20 per session, and our friendly team provides an inclusive service for men and women. Contact us today to find out more about our laser hair removal treatments. We look forward to helping you enjoy smooth, flawless skin.



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