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Why you should switch from waxing to laser hair removal

Waxing vs laser hair removal

Maintaining a groomed look and feel takes time and effort. In fact, according to an article published in Harper’s Bazaar, the average woman spends £23,000 on waxing over the course of her lifetime. There’s no doubt that waxing is a popular option for many women, but is it time to switch to something longer lasting?

The waxing vs laser hair removal debate has been around for a decade or so, and there are several reasons why women choose waxing. It can be done at home, for a start, and suits everyone, regardless of skin type or tone. But the cons of waxing often outweigh the pros. Here are four reasons why you should consider laser hair removal instead.

  • It’s cheaper in the long term

Waxing may be cheaper per session than laser hair removal, but in the long term the cost mounts up, as we’ve mentioned above. Laser hair removal only requires around six sessions for lasting results, meaning you could save a fortune over your lifetime. A top up treatment once a year is recommended, but even this won’t add up to the price you’ll pay for a lifetime of waxing.

  • The results last longer

Waxing requires you to grow your hair before the treatment. It works by tearing unwanted hair out at the root, and if the hair is too short, the wax won’t adhere to the hair to pull it out. In addition, it only lasts a few weeks, meaning you have to go back repeatedly for super smooth skin.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, can be performed effectively on short hair, and only a few treatments will yield results. You’ll experience a permanent reduction in hair in the treated area, and can enjoy smooth skin with a much lower level of maintenance.

  • It’s less painful

Let’s face it: nobody enjoys their regular waxing session. The hair is ripped out at the root, causing even the most pain-tolerant of us to wince. The discomfort caused by laser hair removal, however, is more manageable. Many clients describe it as like being pricked with a pin, or having a rubber band snapped against the skin. And with cooling aloe vera gel applied after the treatment, you’re comfortable again in no time.

If you’re considering hair removal on sensitive areas such as the underarms or bikini line, the pain factor is especially relevant.

  • You can treat any area

If you typically wax at home, you’re going to struggle to effectively wax some areas of your body, particularly if they’re sensitive. Achieving a full Hollywood, for example, is something best left to a professional. With laser hair removal, any area can be treated safely, from your upper lip to your perineal area. Plus, it won’t damage the skin, provided it’s performed by a laser hair removal specialist.

Switch from waxing to laser hair removal

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