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Can men have laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatments for men

Laser hair removal has traditionally been seen as a service for women, but men’s laser hair removal is on the rise. Men are paying more attention to their appearance than ever before, often shaving or waxing unwanted hair, and this takes time and energy. But for those who want a well-groomed look without all the effort, laser hair removal is a perfect choice.

What is laser hair removal?

As the name suggests, laser hair removal uses pulses of light to permanently remove hair. The laser releases energy into the skin, and the pigment in hair follicles absorbs this energy, which destroys the follicles completely. The procedure works best on darker hair, and most men require between three and six treatments to see results. You may also need to visit your laser hair removal specialist about once a year for top up treatments.

What are the benefits of men’s laser hair removal?

There are several benefits to choosing laser hair removal over waxing or shaving.

It can reduce ingrown hair

One of the pitfalls of shaving is that it can cause ingrown hairs, which can become painful. Laser hair removal works by destroying the hair follicle completely, meaning there’s no need to worry about ingrown hairs.

It can reduce sweating

Body hair traps sweat, which can lead to damp patches or staining on your clothes, particularly under the arms. Removing the hair enables sweat to dry quicker, and increases the efficacy of antiperspirants, eliminating those uncomfortable damp spots and leaving your clothing unstained.

It can give you a sharper beard line

Men’s laser hair removal isn’t just for body hair – many men use it to create a more defined beard line. Loose strands can be removed permanently, meaning there’s no need to tweeze or shave to keep your beard looking sharp.

It can save time and money

Laser hair removal should always be carried out by a trained professional, and for that reason it’s not a cheap option. It can, however, save you a lot of money on razors and/or waxing in the long term, making it a cost-effective procedure. Of course, it also saves you the time and effort of regular shaving – you can enjoy a perfectly groomed look and feel without the effort of maintaining it.

It can improve your confidence

Whether it’s to please your partner or simply feel good for yourself, laser hair removal can help to improve your confidence and your body image. You can go to the beach or hit the gym without feeling self-conscious about excessive or unwanted hair.

Men’s laser hair removal treatments in Hampshire

If you’re looking for laser hair removal in Hampshire, the specialists at Smooth Laser Clinic can help. We can treat all skin types, creating a bespoke plan that delivers the results you want, and thanks to our innovative cooling sapphire tip with anaesthetic effect, making the procedure almost pain free. Get in touch today to book your laser hair removal consultation and patch test with one of our qualified laser hair removal therapists.



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