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Move More With Laser Hair Removal

The weather has been a bit hit and miss, but generally around this time of year we start to see warmer temperatures and a bit more sunshine. And that might tempt us to get out and moving a bit more! 

Getting out the house for some exercise a few times a week can be a real mood booster, especially if it’s doing a sport or activity you really enjoy. And if you’re still working from home, then it’s even more important to break outside those same 4 walls.

What form of exercise do you really love? A bit of cardio or weight lifting? Maybe some cycling or yoga? Or swimming, maybe?

Here at Smooth Laser Clinic we quite enjoy a weekly dip in the pool. Which got us thinking about all the various athletes and how so many of them use laser hair removal to keep their skin smooth and hair free. 

If you watch sport on TV, then looking out for rogue body hair probably isn’t something you find yourself consciously doing. But we bet that’s because actually, those athletes likely have it all removed, so there’s nothing to spot! 

A significant number of professional athletes (and even amateurs!) will have little to no body hair. 

For most people, removing unwanted hair is a highly time-consuming activity – And often painful too! Think tweezing, waxing and even shaving – Even the thought makes us wince!

Some sports competitions even have rules when it comes to body hair! Which is just one reason why many athletes opt for laser hair removal. 

Why Do Athletes Remove Body Hair?

In addition to some sports competitions having rules regarding body hair (like Olympic events such as volleyball, tennis, swimming and gymnastics) having a hair free body can actually help athletes to compete. 

For example, laser hair removal would be a great option for swimmers as those with hairless bodies consume less oxygen, have increased stroke lengths and lower blood lactate levels. That’s pretty amazing! 

Not to mention the time saved in hair removal. Imagine all the practice time they spend in the pool – And how much time and effort would need to go into removing hair on such a regular basis. If you enjoy a regular swim as part of your exercise routine, you’ll know what a chore hair removal can be for the sake of a few lengths. 

Why isn’t shaving or waxing as effective for athletes as laser hair removal?

We all know that waxing can remove a lot of body hair at once. We also know that it still grows back, and that it can be really rather painful! Especially in more intimate areas that swimmers or gymnasts may need to be targeting. 

You get 4 to 6 weeks of hair free skin before the hair starts to grow back and you’ve got to go through it all again. That doesn’t sound fun at all! 

So what about razors? Well, they might be less painful but they’re much more time consuming. It can take ages to remove unwanted hair with a razor, and then you’ve got to do it all over again a day or two later. Not to mention the in-grown hairs, razor burn and itchy sensitive skin that can come with shaving. What would be the point of removing unwanted hair ready for a swim, only to have it replaced with sore red bumps instead?

Why is laser hair removal better for athletes?

Laser hair removal has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, especially among professional and amateur athletes. 

During a laser hair removal session, the laser emits a pulsing light. This light targets the melanin in your hair, and disables the hair follicle. This not only removes unwanted hair, but helps to prevent it from growing back. 

For laser hair removal to be effective, you need to have approximately 6 to 8 sessions, 6 weeks apart. This means that the majority of hairs will be targeted whilst they are in the growth stage. 

Whether you are a professional athlete competing in competitions, or an amateur who just enjoys getting some regular exercise, the last thing you want to be worrying about is unwanted body hair. 

Waxing or shaving might seem more convenient in the short term, but the results are so short lived. Opt for laser hair removal and you can almost forget about unwanted body hair completely! 

That gives you the time and space to focus all your attention on the sport itself. 

Don’t let unwanted body hair interfere with your performance – Whether that’s in a competitive event or just the ability to spontaneously grab your swimsuit and head to your local pool. 

If you think that laser hair removal could motivate you to change into your exercise gear without having to worry about unwanted body hair then give our friendly Horndean laser hair removal clinic a call! We’d love to hear from you. 



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