Laser Hair Removal Portsmouth

Spring Forward! 

Remember – The clocks go forward an hour this weekend! 

We might be losing an hour with the clock change on Saturday, but with it comes lighter days and hopefully some more of this lovely, warm sunshine we’ve been getting over the last week! 

With the arrival of warmer weather, comes less clothes and more skin on show. Could it be time to finally ditch the Winter coats and get those legs out?! 

If you’re heaving a heavy sigh at the thought of the changing of the seasons, and all the hair-removal maintenance that comes with it, then we’re here to tell you that Smooth Laser Clinic here in Horndean can help give you some of your time back! 

Spend an Hour With Us

Yes, we may lose an hour this weekend by the clocks springing forward, but why not come and spend an hour with us and save yourself valuable time that you would otherwise be spending shaving, tweezing or plucking! 

Even an hour at your chosen waxing specialist isn’t really saving you time – It’s just going to grow back the same as before!

With laser hair removal, you’re not only removing the hair but you’re permanently reducing it. Over a course of 6-8 sessions on a 6-weekly basis, you can significantly reduce the amount of hair on your treated body area. 

Just imagine – Waking up to sunshine and knowing you can hop into your favourite shorts without a second thought about whether you’ve shaved your legs! 

Or slip on a sleeveless top to stock up on some Vitamin D without worrying that there’s an armpit of hair from a woolly-jumper Winter on show. 

Take Your Time Back

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with some time just for you. Take that lost hour back by booking in a laser hair removal session and save yourself the time, effort and irritation of regular shaving. 

But what about the price? Investing in laser hair removal is so worth the initial cost. Think about all the money on razors and waxing that quite literally goes down the drain. You spend the money, you spend the time removing unwanted hair and then it just grows back. You spend more money, more time, for it just to grow back every time.

Laser hair removal might seem a larger cost at first, but it will likely save you money on razors and waxing appointments in the long run. As we said above, not only are you removing the unwanted hair with laser hair removal, but by targeting the hair follicle itself you are also significantly reducing regrowth. 

Spring Forward into Warmer Weather

To get started on your laser hair removal journey, give us a call. We’re more than happy to chat through any questions you may have before booking your appointment. You can also have a scroll through our other blogs – You’ll find lots of information and maybe even the answers to your questions!

We hope to see you soon, so you can get outside and embrace the sunshine with confidence and time to spare!



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