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Our Christmas Gift Guide for Men and Women

Whether you’re feling quite organised with your Christmas shopping or you’re yet to start – What do you get for that one person that has literally EVERYTHING?

We all have that friend or family member that’s notoriously hard to buy for. This year, it doesn’t have to be socks.

What if you could give them the gift of self confidence for Christmas? Give them more ‘Me Time’? Take away a little bit of self-consciousness? 

What if we said we could offer all that as well as enabling you to shop and support local as well?

Here at Smooth Laser Clinic in Horndean, we can help you give your loved ones a Christmas gift to remember. It could change their life forever!

We’ve compiled our Christmas Gift Guide for the person in your life that has everything. And starting from just £20 there’s a gift to suit all budgets! 

Christmas Gift Guide for Women

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the special lady in your life, then look no further. For the women of Horndean, Emsworth, Havant, Petersfield and Denmead we’ve got the treatment to suit their needs, with options to suit budgets big and small. 

  1. Upper Lip – This is a popular laser hair removal treatment amongst our lovely clients, and it’s so amazing to see the difference in self confidence after a few sessions. At just £20 per appointment this makes a great stocking filler.
  2. Chin – Another lower budget option, this can make a huge difference to a clients life. The loss of that self-consciousness is a huge weight lifted. This laser hair removal treatment is also £20 per session, or if you combine it with an upper lip treatment you can get both in one session for £30.
  3. Underarms – This is an area that can be a bit of a pain. Waxing this part can be rather tender, but constant shaving with razors to keep the hair at bay can cause bumps, itching and razor burn. How uncomfortable! For just £39 per treatment, you could rid your loved one of the discomfort of underarm hair removal by permanently reducing it.
  4. Bikini Line – For £39 per session, you could significantly reduce the amount of bikini line hair through laser hair removal. What a great gift! Especially for those who enjoy swimming regularly, and find shaving and waxing don’t meet the needs of their lifestyle.
  5. Half Leg – If you ask most women which part of their body they spend the most hair removal time on, it is probably legs. Whether it’s a scheduled wax or daily shaving, that’s ‘Me Time’ that could be much better spent on other more fun hobbies and exploits! Give your loved one the gift of time by reducing how much they need to spend making their legs hair-free. For £59 for half a leg per session or £79 per session for a full leg, you could be giving the special lady in your life some of her ‘Me Time’ back.
  6. Beach Ready Combinations – If your loved one is already planning their Summer holiday then one of our beach ready combo’s could be the perfect gift for them this Christmas! There are lots of options so you can get the one that’s just right for her. Whether it’s Bikini and Underarms for £69 per treatment, Bikini, Half Leg & Underarms for £119, or the top of the range Hollywood, Full Leg & Underarms for £159 per session – Or something in between – Give her the gift of a hair-free holiday to look forward to next year. 

Christmas Gift Guide for Men

Laser hair removal isn’t just for women. We have some lovely male clients from Horndean, Emsworth, Havant, Petersfield, Denmead and further afield in Hampshire. There are plenty of treatments that could be the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life that has everything. Surprise him with a gift he won’t be expecting this Christmas, and take away the banality and relentlessness of hair removal with one of our laser hair removal treatments. 

  1. Sideburns – If the man in your life is particular about his sideburns then this could be the perfect stocking filler for them! For £29 per laser hair removal session, he can spend less time on preening and more time on doing the things he enjoys.
  2. Beard Shaping – For £49 per treatment session, the man in your life could enjoy a perfectly shaped beard without the hassle of painstakingly shaving it each and every day. What a gift!
  3. Chest – Some men love a hairy chest (as do the women in their lives). But if that isn’t the case for your man then consider buying him his first laser hair removal session for £65. Waxing this area can be very painful, and shaving it is extremely time-consuming. Give him the gift of almost painless hair reduction this Christmas and enjoy a smooth chest area with much less maintenance!
  4. Buttocks – This one is bound to get a giggle on Christmas Day! Hair removal in this region doesn’t have to be a serious business. If he asks you to do the deed of shaving them for him, then maybe this would be a gift for you as much as him! For £49 per treatment session, we can help make those hairy buttocks a thing of the past. What more can you ask for this Christmas?
  5. Full Back – This is a common one amongst our male clients here at our Horndean laser hair removal clinic. Many men are self-conscious of the hair on their backs, but being in such a hard to reach place, there’s not a great deal they can do about it themselves. For £89 you can start them off on their journey to a smooth-skinned back – To help rid someone of their insecurities is really quite priceless. 

We hope these lists were helpful and inspired some creative gift ideas for those hard-to-buy-for people in your life. These are just a few of the laser hair removal treatments we have to offer. If you think this type of thing could be the perfect gift for a loved one, but they’re not quite matched then head to our website to see what other laser hair removal treatments we have to offer. You can peruse our full list of treatments here

Happy Christmas Shopping from all of us here at Smooth Laser Clinic! 



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