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Could Laser Hair Removal Be The Best Choice in Hair Maintenance For Those Who Love to Travel?

If hair removal is the bane of your life, then you’re not alone. The relentless task of shaving or the routine pain of waxing can get a bit bothersome.

Add travelling into the mix and this banality and annoyance escalates! Having to shave in tiny hotel bathrooms, or finding a trusted waxing provider in a foreign country can be quite difficult.

Don’t let stray hair be the reason that stops you from a spontaneous strip and dip in the ocean on a trip of a lifetime.

If you’re an avid traveller, chances are you’ve spent the last 18 months of lockdowns and travel restrictions planning your next great escape! We can hear the golden sands and warm oceans calling. Especially when our August seems to have been replaced with October weather here in the South of England over the last week!

Planning a trip?

If you’re currently planning a trip, maybe for 2022 when hopefully travel restrictions will have lessened even further, then consider adding laser hair removal into your pre-departure plans.

What to consider prior to travelling

There are a few things to consider if you want to factor in laser hair removal before you leave for a trip.

  • Leave time for multiple sessions – Whilst you will likely see a difference from the first session, you will need multiple appointments for the best results. We recommend up to 6 sessions, spaced between 6 and 8 weeks apart. This means that the laser can target as many hair follicles as possible in different parts of the growth cycle, leading to increased hair reduction and more permanent effects.

  • Winter is the perfect time – It’s important to stay out of the sun before and after a laser hair removal session, so if you’re planning a trip for next year the colder, darker months could be the ideal time to get those appointments booked in.

  • Space your last session well before your departure date – Laser hair removal isn’t really something you can do immediately before leaving for a trip, especially if you’re jetting off to sunny paradise. Make sure you leave at least a fortnight between your final session and the date you leave.

Benefits of laser hair removal for travellers

There are so many benefits of laser hair removal for those who travel regularly!

  • No manoeuvring in a small hotel shower trying to shave those hard to reach places
  • Silky soft, smooth skin – No unsightly razor burn or post-wax bumps
  • No stray hairs around your bikini line for those spontaneous dips in the ocean
  • Less time spent on hair removal whilst your away – More time for adventures, exploring and fun
  • No worries about trying to find a decent waxing salon in an unknown, foreign country where you may not speak the language

Get in touch

If you’re planning the trip of a lifetime next year to make up for so much time spent at home over the last 18 months, then why not give us a call to talk through a laser hair removal treatment plan before you leave.

We can advise the optimum number of sessions you will need before you leave in order to get the best results.

Give us a call today – We can’t wait to hear all about your travel plans!



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