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If you’re looking for laser hair removal in Petersfield and Denmead, you’ve come to the right place. We offer treatments for both men and women and use medical-grade lasers suitable for all skin types. Contact us today for a consultation and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin.

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Popular Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Whether you want to be ‘bikini ready’ or have excess facial hair you want to get rid of, we can help. From upper lip, chin and sideburn treatments to Brazilian and underarm packages, you’re sure to find the right option for you. Our packages for men include head and beard-shaping as well as chest, stomach and lower abdomen treatments.

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Under Arm Laser Hair Removal

From £39.00

Under-arm laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular method for removing unwanted body hair. Laser technology is more precise and effective than traditional methods such as waxing or shaving, providing long-term results with minimal discomfort.

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Full Leg Laser Hair Removal

From £79.00

One area of the body that can benefit greatly from laser hair removal is the legs. Leg laser hair removal can help reduce unwanted or unsightly leg hair, leaving you with smooth, soft skin that lasts

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Hollywood Bikini Laser Hair Removal

From £69.00

Looking for a way to be beach ready all year round? Opting for bikini laser hair removal offers an easy way to permanently reduce unwanted hair in the bikini area.

About our Laser Hair Removal Clinic Near Petersfield and Denmead

Located in Waterlooville, just a stone’s throw from Petersfield and Denmead, we’re pleased to serve the people of Hampshire. All of the treatments available are carried out by our expert and fully-insured specialist and we only used medical-grade lasers for fast and long-lasting results. Come along to our clean, professional and friendly clinic and let us take care of you.


The treatment is virtually painless

One Course

One course creates lifetime benefits


Perfect for any area of your body

No Downtime

Return to your activities immediately

For Everyone

It is safe for all skin types and colours

Our Reviews

  • Sarah Reed-Josephs
    1 month ago
    I had my first session and leanne made me feel so comfortable. It was pain free and so quick! Can’t wait to finish and see the results!
  • Michaela Hallam
    4 months ago
    Leanne is great, i have recommended her services to soo many people already. Obviously never having to shave again is the dream!.. Leanne has a great personality which makes you feel at ease and comfortable, she is happy to answer any questions and always remains professional. read more
  • Jemma Hosie
    4 months ago
    Leanne is a pro and makes you feel so comfortable, so lovely aswell:)
  • Jodie Louise
    2 years ago
    Absolutely amazing experience, really easy to book and customer service spot on! No question i had (many!! ) was too much trouble! Thanks again ♥️
  • Ngọc Carnegie
    2 years ago
    Great experience as always great experience as always, leane is a master at what she does. Cannot recommend highly enough.
  • Naomi Shephard
    2 years ago
    I am not one for beauty treatments and was skeptical to start with. 3 sessions in and i can already see and feel the benefits, so i added a few more treatments 😊 leanne asks repeatedly if you feel comfortable and my experience has been good and i read more
  • Madeline Green
    2 years ago
    Had 5 sessions so far with leanne at smooth laser clinic and couldn’t recommend her enough! Very accommodating and great experience every time, extremely happy with my service thankyou!
  • Abby Wheeler
    2 years ago
    Best experience! Very knowledgeable and happy to answer all and any questions throughout the whole end-to-end process. A very quick, clean and profession environment while personal and friendly! Leanne is happy to tailor to your personal worries with constant reassurance, and actually understands the realistic challenges read more
  • Alana Jackson
    2 years ago
    I’ve had great results so from from my laser treatment by leanne. Leanne is very kind and welcoming making you feel instantly at ease. I had laser hair removal many years ago with a different type of machine which gave disappointing results, however this time read more

About the Laser Hair Removal Process


The laser hair removal process is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, it’s quick and pain-free with zero downtime. The Eneka Pro laser we use emits bursts of light which heat and destroy hair follicles in the active growth phase. As not all hairs are in the active growth phase, several laser treatments are needed at set intervals to ensure each hair is targeted. A sapphire tip cooling system is used to avoid irritation and to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible.

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Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Choosing a laser clinic near Petersfield and Denmead is easy. At Smooth Laser Clinic, we only work with highly-trained, fully-insured laser specialists and use medical-grade Eneka Pro technology for long-lasting results. We’ll talk you through the process and will provide top-notch aftercare tips for your peace of mind.

To prepare for treatment, avoid waxing, plucking, threading or anything that removes the hair from the root for at least four weeks. You can still shave, but do this at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid irritation. Try to stay out of the sun as burnt skin is not suitable for laser hair removal treatments. Read our blog post for more information.

Everyone responds differently to hair removal. Success depends on many factors including hair type and hormonal fluctuations. We typically recommend between six and eight treatments, with maintenance treatments offered if necessary.

A patch test is necessary for your comfort and safety. This is to ensure you don’t react in an adverse way to the treatment.

Your skin needs to be kept as cool as possible after laser hair removal. So, avoid hot tubs, hot baths, steam rooms and sun exposure for 48 hours. You should also refrain from going swimming or using makeup or perfumed products on treated areas.

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